Well Plan Subsidy Scheme 2024 | Apply Now | Eligibility | Benefits कुआ निर्माण अनुदान ऑनलाइन

To increase the income of small landholding and marginal farmers, the Central Government runs the Prime Minister National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGA). One component of this scheme is the construction of wells, provided free of charge to farmers for irrigation purposes. The cost is jointly covered by the Central and State Governments.

Guidelines for Well Construction

The Rural Development Department has issued guidelines for the well construction scheme. Wells will be constructed in areas lacking alternative irrigation facilities. To ensure that the scheme benefits as many farmers as possible, the Central Government periodically updates the rules.

Well Subsidy 2024: Benefits and Application

Benefits of Well Subsidy:

  1. Financial Assistance: Subsidies offer financial support to individuals or communities unable to afford well construction or maintenance, making clean water more accessible.
  2. Improved Access to Clean Water: Subsidies facilitate the construction or enhancement of wells, ensuring a reliable and safe water supply, which can improve health outcomes by reducing waterborne diseases.
  3. Community Development: Subsidies contribute to community development by providing essential infrastructure, improving living conditions, supporting agriculture, and boosting economic activities.
  4. Environmental Sustainability: Properly managed subsidized projects ensure sustainable water resource use, prevent groundwater overexploitation, and promote conservation practices.

Well Construction Process:

  • Construction Agency: If the beneficiary is a member of a self-help group under the Livelihood Mission Agriculture subsidy, the self-help group will generally act as the construction agency. Otherwise, the Gram Panchayat will assume this role.
  • Muster Rolls: Issued to self-help groups or Gram Panchayats for wage distribution.
  • MET Work: Tasks like filling worker attendance and granting leave must be performed by the beneficiary under the Kapildhara sub-scheme. No one else will perform the mate’s work.
  • Employment Priority: Priority is given to employing the beneficiary’s family members and laborers based on their suggestions.
  • Material Payment: Payments for materials will be directly transferred from the Fund Transfer Order (FTO) to the beneficiary’s bank account.
  • Construction Supervision: The beneficiary will oversee the construction work, with possible cooperation from the Gram Panchayat.

Application Process:

To apply for free well construction under the agricultural subsidy, beneficiaries must visit their Gram Panchayat to complete the application process.

Payment Procedure for Well Construction:

  1. First Phase: ₹43,440 for digging the well up to 6 meters.
  2. Second Phase: ₹91,040 for digging the well up to 12 meters.
  3. Third Phase: ₹62,000 for well tying up to farm level.
  4. Fourth Phase: ₹43,547 for completing the work by constructing a recharging structure, parapet, and world information board.

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